Improve team performance by using the WTPI assessment

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Learn from Successful Sports Teams and Boost the Performance of Your Team. Successful sports teams are increasingly using diagnostic information and technology to identify weaknesses.  They make extensive use of performance analysts as they strive to outperform their competitors.  Surely it’s time for teams in the workplace to follow this example to maximise their performance.  If you agree, here is something that will help.

Find out what’s holding your team back

The Watson Team Performance Indicator (WTPI) assessment is a useful tool to support a process of continual team performance improvement.  It provides the analysis needed to identify any weaknesses that exist and need to worked on. It also shows the exisiting strengths of a team to enable them to be fully deployed to maximise team performance.

WTPI Feedback

The Watson Team Performance Indicator (WTPI) complements the analytical and advisory information provided by the Belbin team assessments.  Used in combination, they provide a surefire, cost-effective way of raising the performance of your team to another level.

Exciting News: The online version of the WTPI is now available. Try it out now for free. (This is a limited time offer and if you find it useful you will be given the option of making a small donation to a nominated charity. There is no obligation or pressure on you to do so though. It’s up to you.)