Introductory offer of a FREE Belbin team report for users of the WTPI

To encourage people using the WTPI to use the Belbin reports we are making this special introductory offer. This is because we have found these two tools are best used together. The WTPI provides anaysis of team processes and the Belbin reports povide vital information about the people in the team. Take a look at the extracts from a Belbin team report below to see for yourself how the comprehensive diagnostic and avisory information complements the WTPI feedback.

Free Belbin Team Reports
Overview Page
Team Role Circle
Potential Contributions
Comparison Chart Self-Team
Observer Responses
Team Role Averages
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Download an example of a full Belbin team report

To obtain a Belbin team report it is necessary for each team member to complete a Belbin assessment so we are are also offering an exclusive introductory discount of 25% off the individua reports. This only applies to WTPI users who haven’t yet experienced the power of Belbin. Seize this golden opportunity to not only elevate your team’s performance but also empower each team member to reach new heights of excellence. Take a glimpse into the transformative possibilities with sample pages from an individual report. Join the countless teams worldwide who have embraced Belbin and witnessed remarkable results.

Belbin Individual Report 1
Belbin Individual Report 2
Belbin Individual Report 4
Belbin Individual Report 3
Belbin Individual Report 5
Belbin Individual Report 6
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Download an exampe of a full Belbin Individual Report

For full details of the saving you will make by taking advantage of this offer simply complete the form below. You won’t be signing up to anything or making any commitment but you will receive the information you need to decide whether to take advantage of this opportunity and, remember, the team report is provided free of charge.