Findings of the relevance and efficacy of job descriptions survey

The results of the survey conducted between 1 November and 31 December 2023 are now in and there are some interesting findings.

Below is a summary. (You can You can download the full report and findings here)

  • While it is evident that job descriptions are used widely, their effectiveness frequently falls short of what is required.
  • The relevance of the job description may also be questionable because of its inherent shortcomings or failure of the users to deploy it properly.
  • Managers have an important role to play in communicating what is expected of people. This includes the assigning of work to teams.

Here are the scores for the 6 questions (Using a rating scale of 0 = very untrue to 10 = very true)

  1. Although we use job descriptions the main emphasis is on managers conveying what is expected of people on a day to day basis. Score = 8.35
  2. The job descriptions provide jobholders with a clear and unambiguous understanding of what is expected of them. Score = 6.65
  3. Job descriptions are very specific and customised for each jobholder without compromising by using “off the shelf” generic documents. Score = 5.82
  4. The procedure for communicating the job clearly differentiates between things that have to be done in a pre-defined way and where personal discretion can be exercised for achieving an objective. Score = 5.35
  5. Job descriptions include the assigning of shared (team) goals and objectives as well as defining what is expected of individuals. Score = 4.82
  6. Each manager and jobholder jointly review the job description and update it at least once a year. Score = 4.88

Download the full report and findings